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Mind, Body, Spirit





Posted on May 10, 2016 at 11:35 AM

My experience that I call ‘The Beautiful Butterfly Effect’ has had a strong connectivity to my spiritual growth and transformation. Coming face to face with all the dark crevice’ and corners, turning inward and reflecting on my crysalis of fears, doubts, self-sabotaging patterns and thought forms, cocooned in the truth of what I had created.

Like a caterpillar inching across the grass and crawling up the flowers to eat and fill it’s stomach. I was unaware of my true Life Purpose.


It’s been the climax to the death of my old self, where I totally surrendered, my ego and former self and started my change. To be rebirthed and transformed.

Butterflies go through an amazing transformation of creation and incredible sacrifices to emerge in it’s purest and most beautiful form for all to see.

Transformation begins with the universe propelling us forward to have integrity and forgiveness as true spiritual beings from the inside out. We may not know our souls purpose or destiny but we feel the yearning for more….!

More…, joy, peace and all the emotions and feelings encompassing this.

That heart felt desire for something more, more that is pure of heart and allows us to transcend.

I would like to support those going through their process, no matter where you are and share my tools I have gathered along the way.

Love and Light Tess (Zukii)


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