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Mind, Body, Spirit




The Battle

Posted on November 13, 2019 at 8:15 AM

Like a battleship in the night travelling to its next engagement ... full of fear of change , survival tactics are just not going to work this time .... this war is far bigger than ever anticipated... and in your heart you knew this day was coming
This is nothing like the other battles you’ve encountered
No more running.... no more hiding.... you have no more weapons of defense all you have is the bravery of your heart...
Something you never wanted to face
You fight the temptation… The temptation to run… The temptation to jump ship and swim to the next piece of safe land
But you know if you jump ship there’s a strong possibility that you will never ever make it
The fever is spreading through the army of weakened me.., interpreted as your soul ..
Tired of pretending that they are brave and the egos will carry them through
You look around at all the familiar faces but all you see is an image of you… you’ve been picking holes and criticizing yourself
And you realize there’s one thing that you’ve never wanted to do…
Never wanted to face and this is the only thing left… There’s no alternative..,
It’s the most scariest bravest thing you’ve ever done
You have to surrender!
You have to surrender ....!
Set your self free of all guilt , shame , blame , self doubt, Self limiting beliefs, undeservedness… all fears and embrace love with all your heart ❤
This is the download I’ve had this morning from my experiences the last couple of weaks ....
Released in divine time 11; 11/11:12 xxx

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