Mind, Body, Spirit

Crystal Healing

The theory behind these natural beautiful stones is; they vibrate at the same ‘frequency’ as people, and help you through healing spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical challenges by illuminating the cor spiritual issues that block the our paths and course energy blockages in our bodies.

I personally have them for every given situation and circumstance, emotions or improvement I wish to make in my life.

It is true that gemstones can heal us...!

As a crystal healing practitioner I use these stones to support and heal or assist you with your personal situation alongside other healing modalities or/ and individual treatments to bring the best outcome for you in your life.

 They can bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity, safety, comfort, eliminate your self-limiting beliefs and bring wholeness within.

I use a special healing techniques to assist your individual stones; chosen to support your individual needs.

Crystals can restore harmony and balance your body and make you feel totally rejuvenated.

The wisdom and healing properties in these stones can bring real clarity to your personal situation and emotionally free you from stagnant energy in your body. These loving semi-precious stones truly are ‘amazing’!