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International Psychic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Consultant

Tess Zukii, the Supernatural Psychic Medium and Healer, realised her inherited ancestral gifts from childhood, now abundantly sharing these blessings of wisdom and grace for others, connecting within the spiritual realms of loved ones passed, bringing forth heartfelt messages and intuitive guidance for family and friends. 


This has naturally progressed and aligned her to support people internationally, including various professionals and celebrities worldwide who have consulted Tess Zukii for years and become valued people, she feels privileged  to accompany them on life's journey and dynamically performed platform mediumship to many audiences 


I am a qualified crystal healing practitioner and reiki practitioner, using my healing abilities intuitively to help clear blockages, emotional imbalances which can have physical conditions attached to them. Throughout my career I’ve given psychic and spiritual guidance that provides clarity on the way forward, peace of mind and confirmation.


Giving you enrichment tools to enhance progress and achieve your goals.

My aim is to support you with your questions and issues that are challenging you now and always.. given with honesty communicated from spirit.


Remember you are the master of.. and responsible for your own destiny.

You can always change your path and the outcome of your reading and exercise free will. 

I would love you to make contact. Let’s speak soon!

All you need to do is ask...

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