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Blended Services

Have a look at the special range of blended services. Often go hand in hand for maximum empowerment in your life.

What We

Personal Development

We give guidance & support with self improvement, Goal setting,  Do you want to be more accountable and motivated in  life and  emotional well-being? Career advancement and changes, Life transitions, finding your life purpose and much more.

All you need to do is ask.

Well-being Tools

Do you need support & guidance with emotional dilemmas,  mild unusual physical issues, mind fatiguing issues & overwhelm?


We have various modalities to support you with your success.

Narcissistic Abuse 

Do you want to tell your truth in a safe , peaceful space?

Do you need clarity on some of your experiences?

Do you want support and guidance with clarity on how to move forward?

Are you ready for emotional healing?

Do you want to build on your strengths and create healthy patterns?

This will be a space of validation, healing and rebuilding your life with autonomy.

Life Coaching

Do you need to clarify your goals?

Overcoming obstacles in your life

Improve your work/ life balance?

Enhance your relationships?

Enhance and develop your career?

Guidance on personal growth and fulfilment?

We have versatile tools to support and guide you in various areas of your life to enhance your autonomy.

Shadow Work

Do you need a safe space to work on your emotional healing?

Are you stuck and don't know how to move forward?

Do you need insight and guidance on navigating the complexities of your inner world?

We can support you with aspects of your transformative  personal journey with various modalities and support tools

Complex Issues

Are you in need of support with any complex  issues?

We provide guidance & support with practical tips for your individual needs, using modalities that can offer a lifetime of support.

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Robb Walters

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